About Us

Kingfisher Strong Backstage is a platform created for talented singers, musicians and composers to pursue their passion and realize their dream of creating quality Indian music.

It is a first of its kind web series that opens the door to a fresh bunch of new and undiscovered talent.

The journey that kick started towards the end of May 2013, received an overwhelming response in the digital space.

In the first two seasons, we put artists on center stage with their bands, captured their performance and converted it into music videos.

With the third season we go a step ahead with videos shot at real locations, bringing the regional tunes and flavor into the spotlight.

The season begins with new songs by upcoming artists from God's own country, Kerala. And once the lyrical sojourn ends down South, we head to Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, moving to The East and ending the journey in the melodious West Bengal.

Well-known singers like Benny Dayal, Shaan and Sreeram Chandra boost the series with their exclusive tracks, representing their homeland and beginning the journey of their respective state, taking viewers through this new and exciting musical journey.