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Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla are a Hindi Bollywood director duo. They are known for directing films in the thriller and action genres. They have frequently cast Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna in their films. Abbas-Mustan are from Surat. Their family was in the furniture business, but thy wanted to do something different in life. They met their uncle S.D Kura who was a film editor in Hindi movies. He advised them to first start with film editing and then move to film direction. Gradually they joined Sultan Ahmad as assistant director who was directing the movie Saugandh (1978), and they also joined as assistant director with Govindbhai Patel.


They did few films, and then when Patel refused Gujarati film Sajan Tara Sambharana (1985), Abbas-Mustan got chance to do their first film as director, and it was a hit. After Abbas-Mustan's film journey began as directors, they made some Gujarati films and then stepped into Hindi cinema. The first Hindi film they did was Agnikaal with Jeetendra, Raj Babbar and Madvi in 1990. They have since done 14 Hindi movies as directors. They also started their own production house called Burmawalla Partners. The duo are renowned for taking inspiration from Hollywood films and adding glamour to it.