Birth: 01-07-1987 , Punjab, India.
Abhishek Pathak is a young, competent film maker in Bollywood, India. He started his film carrier at the age of 17, debuting with 'Omkara', as its Executive Producer.

He worked in the film, 'Boond', and was also the Assistant Director for 'The Awakening' (2006), 'No Smoking' (2007), 'I'm Afraid I Am Hitler' (2008) & 'One Two Three' (2008). Abhishek has remarkable direction skills and indepth knowledge of all aspects of film production and editing - in addition to playing a pivotal role in the making of the film, 'Coffee Shop', as Producer, Cinematographer, and Assistant Editor, he has also contributed in the Sound, Editorial and Camera departments!

He is passionate about and believes in making films. His main aim is to carve a niche for himself - one that is marked by professional excellence while actively contributing to development of Indian Film Industry. He is known for his enticing style of working with the theme of a story - one that is at once revealing and dynamic. This specialised skill comes from his extensive knowledge of cinema and art, that runs in his family, in keeeping with the fact that his father, Kumar Mangat is a renowned Indian films producer.