Birth: 09-01-1981 , Sudan.
Anusha Dandekar, was born on 9th January 1981 in Sudan, and grew up in Kings grove, Sydney, Australia. She made her acting debut in Bollywood with 'Mumbai Matinee', and went on to do 'Viruddh', where she was paired alongside John Abraham. She has also performed in 'Anthony Kaun hai?'.

She is primarily a VJ on MTV and has hosted many shows like 'Mtv Teen Diva', 'Mtv Dance Crew', 'Mtv Polo Ultimate Drive', 'Mtv IPL Nights' and 'Mtv Stylecheck'.

She was also part of Shahrukh Khan's tours as a host and performer. She has also hosted all of international Rapper and R&B sensation, Akon's events, when he was in Mumbai, as also the the Opening Night IPL and the Red carpet IPL Awards Night.

Anusha, along with her two sisters, has a music band of her own - 'DMAJOR' - and they have performed many songs and shows together. DMAJOR signifies both a musical scale, & their surname - Dandekar.