Birth: 15-08-1964,
Arjun Sarja is a Tamil Actor and director. He has also acted in several Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu films. He is the son of Shakti Prasad, a former Kannada film star. The title "Action King" has been given to Arjun by fans, for the numerous roles he has portrayed in action films. He has now acted over 200 films in five different language including Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu and His wife Asha Rani is also an actress who has acted in a Kannada movie called Rathasapthami with Shivaraj Kumar. Arjun has two daughters, Aishwarya and Anjana. Arjun started his first venture as a film actor in Karnataka with director Rajender Singh Babu. He then moved to Tamil and Telugu and concentrated there. His first Tamil film was Nandri released in 1984 co-star with actor Karthik and Nalini. His popular movies in Tamil include Gentleman, Jai Hind, Kurudhipunal, Mudhalvan, Rhythm, Ezhumalai ,Giri and Marudhamalai. In Telugu, he is known for his role in 1985 movie Maa Pallelo Gopaludu. Arjun has also directed and produced some films. Arjun has won the Filmfare Best Actor Award South and Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor in the film Gentleman.