Birth: 13-02-1929 , Lahore, Pakistan
Lekh Tandon is an Indian film director. He has directed numerous Bollywood movies and Indian TV serials. Recently he even acted in a few movies including `Swades`. Lekh started his career as Assistant Director in Hindi movies in the 1950's and went on to direct several hits. He then moved on to directing TV Serials. He discovered the King Khan, Shahrukh Khan, by casting him in his TV serial, `Dil Dariya`. Lekh is the brother of the Urdu playwright, Yograj Tandon. His father F. C. Tandon had studied with Prithviraj Kapoor at the Khalsa High School, in Punjab. Prithviraj Kapoor inspired Lekh to work in Bollywood. Lekh's brother Yograj was working as assistant-director and secretary to Prithviraj Kapoor.