Birth: 17-03-1960, Sicily, Italy

Pietro Scalia is an Italian-American film editor. Pietro Scalia moved to Switzerland with his parents and attended Swiss-German schools until high school. After graduation he moved to the United States to pursue his college education. He spent two years at the University at Albany, The State University of New York, after which he was accepted as an undergraduate at UCLA. The Swiss government's scholarship helped him though five years of UCLA and in 1985 he earned his Master of Fine Arts from the UCLA Film School.


After his MFA, he returned to Europe to pursue his desire to become a film director. Shortly afterwards, he returned to United States on a work visa to pursue his career in Hollywood as a film editor. He began as an editor on Andrei Konchalovski’s Shy People. Later, he received an assistant editor position working with Oliver Stone. Some of Pietro Scalia worked are Wall Street (1987) and Talk Radio (1988), Little Buddha(1993), Stealing Beauty(1996), The Qucki and the Dead(1995). He earned two more Academy Award nominations: first in 1997 for Good Will Hungting and second in 2000 for Gladiator, and a second Academy Award for director Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, he also edited G.I. Jane and a pilot episode of a TV series American Gothic in late 1990's.


In the recent years, Scalia edited such movies as Levity (2003) directed by Ed Solomon, a documentary entitled Ashes and Snow, The Great Raid directed by John Dahl, and Memories of a Geisha, one of the most publicized movies of 2005, directed by Rob Marshall. Scalia also worked on Hannibal Rising. Most recently, he worked with director RIdley Scott on Prometheus.

Scalia lives in Los Angeles with his wife Teresa Sparks and kids; Julian and Maia Scalia. Scalia is a multiple winner of Oscars, BAFTA and A.C.E Award for his work.