Birth: 04-01-1925 , India
Pradeep Kumar (Pradeep Batabyal was an Indian actor in Bengali and Hindi films. At 17, he took up acting, starting his career in in Bengali films, with notable roles in films including `Alaknanda` (1947) directed by renowned filmmaker Debaki Bose and in '42` (1951). His major breaks came with ‘Anand Math` (1952), playing the lead role with Bina Rai in `Anarkali` (1953) and with Vyjayanthimala in `Nagin` (1954). He had a spate of releases in the second half of the 1950s though he did not enjoy as much success in the 1960s. His films `Ghoonghat` (1960), `Taj Mahal` (1963) and Aarti were successful. He worked with Meena Kumari in 7 films including `Adil-E-Jahangir`, `Bandhan`, `Chitralekha`, `Bahu Begum`, `Bheegi Raat`, `Aarti` & `Noor Jahan`. He acted alongside Mala Sinha films including `Naya Zamana`, `Hamlet`, `Baadshah`, `Ek Shola` and `Duniya Na Maane`. He died in Calcutta on 27 October 2001, at the age of 76. He is survived by his daughter Beena who plays character roles in movies and TV serials including `Uttaran`, son Debiprasad and granddaughters Tanisha, Riya and Hrishita.