Birth: 24-07-1981, India

Raghav Sachar is an Indian singer and music composer. Born to R. K. Sachar and Usha Sachar on July 24, 1981, he is the youngest of the three siblings.

Sachar started playing his harmonica, his first instrument, at the age of four. Since then, every year, his parents gifted him an instrument. Born in a family of music lovers, Raghav was interested in music from a very early age. He won the Best Drummer Award at the Pepsi Cornucopia contest in Delhi in 1994 besides being adjudged the best keyboard player at the BITS Pilani Festival. He also formed a band, Canzona, with some friends before proceeding to Monash Conservatory of Music, Melbourne, Australia in 2000 to study music.

It was during this time that Sachar traveled to countries in South East Asia including Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He also gave solo concerts while visiting India and worked with Viva and Shubha Mudgal on albums apart from recording for jingles and film soundtracks. His crowning glory was being awarded the Golden Key Award and Earnest Award for academic excellence in 2000 and 2001 at Monash. Raghav now plays more than 32 instruments. The title song of his new album, Charming Lootera enjoyed success throughout India. His recent collaboration is with ZING for his creation of Om Jai Jagdish Hare - Remix, where he plays 9 instrumental voices.

He has composed music for films like Kabul Express (2006), Sunday (2008), One Two Three (2008), Haal-e-dil (2008) and Daddy Cool (2009). He has also composed music for the upcoming film Bittoo Boss (2012).