Birth: 12-03-1984 , West Bengal, India

Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian singer. She is known as a playback singer in Hindi films, but besides, she has also sung in Bengali, Malayalam, Assamese, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.

Born in West Bengal and  brought up in Rajasthan, Shreya attended the Atomic Energy Central School. As a child she won the children's special episode of the Sa Re Ga Ma (now Sa Re Ga Ma Pa) contest on Zee T.V. The show judged by Kalyaji, convinced her parents to movie to Mumbai so she could train Shreya. Training with Kalyanji for 18 months, Shreya then continued her classical music training with Mukta Bhide in Mumbai.

Later, she again won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest as an adult and that is when her career began. Her first debut movie was 'Devdas', for which she received Naional Film Award for Best Playback Singer along with Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer and Filmfare RD Burman Award for New Music Talent.

She has also received an honour from the State of Ohio by governor Ted Strickland declaring 26th June as 'Shreya Ghoshal Day'. She has also received awards for the songs she has sung in the different languages. She has also been a judge for Star Voice of India-Chhote Ustaad. She has also debuted on-screen with her appearance in the 'Saaya' film's song Har Taraf and an advertisement for a jewellery store in 5 languages.

About her singing and rehearsing style, she has said, "I have a special way of writing the lyrics when it is dictated to me. No matter what the language of the song, even if it is Bengali, I write it in Hindi. I have certain notations and markings to indicate the way it should be pronounced. I feel the Devanagari script is the closest to the phonetics of the language. English alphabets are not very good for that purpose. Moreover, I listen carefully and try to grasp as much as possible when the lyrics are read to me". Regarding item numbers, Shreya said, "I do not have a problem with what I feel are bad lyrics. But I cannot sing double-meaning songs and worse. There were some parts of "Chikni Chameli" that I made sure were modified." She said that she doesn't like songs with vulgar lyrics, citing the example of the Bhojpuri song, "Sarkai Lo Khatiya Jada Lage".

She also mentioned her dream in getting established in the industry and exploring the diverse forms of music. She wants to make an independent album of herself and bring out a new concept of music, so that the dullness and monotony of music vanishes.

According to Ghoshal, her very first influence in her life was her father. She also acknowledged that Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, and The Queen of Melody & The Nightingale of South India K S Chitra have always been her idols. She also mentioned the name of Geeta Dutt as one of her biggest inspirations towards playback singing. In an interview Ghoshal said "Yes. She’s (Lata Ji) the personification of singing. I use her style when a music director understands and is a fan of hers too. Most of today’s compositions need a casual approach to the singing." Among the music directors who inspired her, she referred to Madan Mohan and R. D. Burman.