Birth: 02-08-1972, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Sunil Bohra is an Indian producer / distributor / exhibitor, popularly known as Sunil "THE" Bohra. Sunil is from a family of Hindu marwari origin, the son of Surendra Bohra and Shanti Bohra; his sister is Sunita Bohra Vyas. He is the grandson of actor / producer and filmmaker Shri Ram Bohra who was president of IMPPA Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association for 15 years.

Bohra Bros. is a one of India’s leading Entertainment conglomerates. Founded in 1947 as a film making company, in the last six decades, Bohra Bros has successfully grown into a one stop Media and Entertainment Company. Currently, the company is organized in five divisions – Film Production; Film Distribution & Exhibition; TV Production; Celebrity & Event Management and 5PMedia Solutions. Bohra Bros launched their first movie Lachak in 1951. Since then, they have produced well over hundred movies in Hindi and regional languages, among which are – Sajan Ka Ghar, Takkar, Mard, Al Hilal, Hercules, Thief of Baghdad and Golden Eyes.

Currently, the company is foraying into joint production with a major production house in Canada. Beginning in the 1950s, Bohra Bros ventured into film distribution and over the years have become major distributors in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The distribution division went international with acquisition of world rights for ‘Malegaon Ka Superman’ – a film that has been critically acclaimed globally for its unique production techniques.