Birth: 11-02-1957, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tina Munim is an Indian film actress who had a successful Bollywood career during the late seventies and early eighties. She is married to Anil Ambani and is today involved in a number of philanthropic and charity activities. She is also running an NGO and a hospital.


Munim was born in Mumbai in a Gujarati-speaking family and belongs to the Svetambara sect of Jainism. Her forefathers were royal merchants in the service of the Burmese kings under British rule. 


Munim was discovered by Dev Anand after she represented India at the International Teen Princess contest in Aruba, and won the Miss Photogenic and Miss Bikini awards. 


In 1978, Dev Anand cast her in his film Des Pardes, which launched her film career. He repeatedly cast her in several other films with him in the lead role, such as Lootmaar and Man Pasand.


Sunil Dutt launched his son Sanjay Dutt in his debut film Rocky and Tina was chosen as Sanjay's heroine.


Tina Munim fell in love with Rajesh Khanna and he formed popular on-screen and off screen pair with Tina in the eighties. But the relation ended when Tina decided to go to California to graduate. In 1985 Rajesh Khanna turned into a film producer and cast Tina Munim as his female lead in the film Alag Alag. In 1992, Ram Awatar Agnihotri wrote that it was in the films Alag Alag and Adhikar (opposite Rajesh Khanna) that Tina Munim showed the 'first sparks' of a dedicated actress she would become. 


Apart from Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna, she also made a popular screen team with actor Rishi Kapoor and they were paired romantically in six films.


In the year 1987, Munim made the conscious decision to put her Bollywood career on a hiatus and she moved to California to attend college.


After breaking up wit Rajesh Khanna, Tina Munim later married Anil Ambani, brother of Mukesh Ambani, now one of the richest men in the world. She has three children including Zahir, Anmol and Anshul. Today she is involved in a number of charity, arts, and talent endeavours and hasn't appeared in any film since 1991.