Silly and unnecessary is how this flick can be defined!  

You are sitting in the theatre, enjoying the movie with those popcorns and Pepsi, and somewhere, someone is planning to blow-up your city with a nuclear bomb... Deeply unsettling, isn't it? Should be, but not a single moment in Agent Vinod comes even close to this feeling even though bullets are being fired all over the place and there is a nuclear bomb that has been discovered in the city.


If all the police officers, secret agents and Special Forces officers are as smart or lucky as Agent Vinod and if all the terrorists or criminals are as dumb as the several terrorists in the movie, then we can just sit back and enjoy our popcorns 'coz nothing can ever go wrong in this world then.


Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan), one of the best Agents in India is given the task to track down a plan which involves some terrorists and a nuclear bomb. He meets Dr. Ruby urf Irum (Kareena Kapoor) in the course of solving this mystery. She is an ex-terrorist who is considered to be dead but he believes she has been wrongly framed in the London blasts and named a terrorists. Reason? "Tumhari aankhen Killer ki nahi hai..." (You don't have the eyes of a killer). This she tries to prove desperately throughout the film but she often shifts sides confusing us and Agent Vinod on her honesty and identity. But despite everything Agent Vinod falls in love with her and so does she (let us assume for his sake that even she falls in love with him). After travelling to several countries, killing numerous people openly in public and tracing the clues from hordes of criminals and agents, finally Agent Vinod finds the nuclear bomb with the terrorist, just 6 minutes before it is to destroy the city. Since the Agent cannot detonate it and since no one else can do that either, he has to take it and fly in the helicopter with the bomb (what an original thought). The bomb detonates and you think finally, the movie is over but No, "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost..."


There is absolutely no sense to the story. Tom & Jerry's chases are more entertaining than the chases in this movie. There was a movie a few years back on a similar theme called 16 December and although the nuclear bomb in that movie seemed to be comical, it was a far more convincing movie than this one. Saif Ali Khan is expressionless and gives a very flat performance. Kareena Kapoor is in it for no reason and in fact she looks so confused throughout the movie that maybe even she doesn't know what she is doing in the movie. Rest of the cast in their small, supporting roles is as convincing as it can be.


The music is silly and unnecessary. The only good thing that seems to be common with a lot of the latest movies is the different locations it takes us through. Agent Vinod looks like a rip-off or "inspired" from a number of movies. Right from its action sequences with cars and bombs to the final helicopter scene and his "aakhri khwaish" to speak with the con herself is a straight copy from the movie Dus.


With the movie running well over two hours, it feels like an eternity till the time the movie actually gets over. With dialogues like "I know you, you are Freddie...” says a hot girl on the beach; "I don't like that name..." replies Saif to which the girl asks, "Then what is your name?" You almost expect him to say " name is James Bond" and on that note are ready to run from the theatre as soon as you can. 



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