A pleasant viewing experience

Most of us grow up forming a certain image of our life partners in our minds, while some do get what they want, there are many who get a reality check when they are about to take rounds of the holy marriage pyre. This happens more so when the marriage is arranged due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Sharat Katariya's 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha' is one such heart-warming story of a small town shop owner's son Prem Prakash Tiwari (Ayushmann Khurrana) who is reluctantly hooked to a fat teacher Sandhya Verma (Bhumi Pednekar) and he is just not able to accept her as his wife, reason, her rotund size.

Yash Raj Films with all its versatile talents has given us a mixed bag of films, and this one definitely falls under the category that should not be missed. Katariya's fresh story-telling and the honest performances by not just the lead stars but the supporting ones as well are the reasons why this film becomes a pleasant viewing experience. Yes, it has its lows as well, but those can easily be discarded.

Katariya brings in nostalgia by recreating the 90s era, with the lead star being a Kumar Sanu fan, small by-lanes of the quaint town of Haridwar, and the effortless cinematography. It doesn't scream and seamlessly fits in the story which is definitely an ace.

Ayushmann Khurrana actually lives his character and excels at it. He fits in the role just like a glove and there are no signs of made-up acting. However, its debutant Bhumi Pednekar who is impressive to the core, tearing off the image of the quintessential size zero Bollywood heroine and stealing hearts with her vigor. Katariya has worked with Rajat Kapoor as his assistant director and that explains his eye for talent and the supporting cast of the film that are mostly Kapoor loyalists. Sanjay Misra is without a doubt at his best and Alka Amin takes the cake away with her comic timing. Sheeba Chhaddha wins at dialogue delivery while Seema Pahwa is just perfect.  

All other supporting cast pinch in the required tadka and are a perfect fit. Add to that the punchy dialogues and you get a film that will not let your get bored, with dashes of fun and emotions. On the down-side there are certain not-required sequences and a predictable climax that could have done with a few edits.

We are going for a three and a half stars for this one for its originality that has almost become a rarity in Bollywood.

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