`F.A.L.T.U` is a unique, refreshing mass entertainer with a message. Good story, catchy punch-lines, entertaining performances and captivating songs makes this film a must watch. `F.A.L.T.U` is set to tickle your funny-bone with a subtle, eye-opening message. Largely inspired by the 2006 American film, ‘Accepted’, `F.A.L.T.U` is about college under-achievers Ritesh Virani (Jackky Bhagnani), Pooja Nigam (Puja Gupta), Nanj Nayyar (Angad Bedi) who establish their own own fake university (Fakirchand And Lakirchand Trust University aka FALTU), after being rejected by all universities that they apply to! Considered useless by the world, their parents and even by themselves, the trio rope in a good student and friend, Vishnu Vardhan (Chandan Roy Sanyal), Google (Arshad Warsi) and Baajirao (Ritesh Deshmukh) to create the fake institution in a day, which ends up changing their lives!

Choreographer turned director, Remo D’Souza’s first Hindi directorial venture, `F.A.L.T.U` definitely makes a mark. Fresh, youthful and entertaining, it strikes a chord with the audiences. Jaccky Bhagnani fits well as do the rest of the actors – especially Boman Irani, who makes a cameo but memorable appearance. Puja Gupta is good but doesn’t impress. Chandan Roy Sanyal shows great talent as an actor. Arshad Warsi is the best with his comic timing and dialogue delivery. At times, the film seems impractical, for instance creating a university in a day, raising money to renovate, accommodate, and party, students refusing to go home and accepting the fake university and the clichéd end that accepts the fake university. However, the film is an entertainer and succeeds in driving home the message about our weak educational system, thereby earning mass appeal.

The music by Sachin-Jigar’s stands out and adds to the film’s appeal and Sameer’s lyrics are well-suited to its message. The best part about the film is the absence of a clichéd love angle between the lead pair, a message that is far from serious and preachy, and certainly the music and dance sequences! A definite must-watch for all seeking something different and fun!
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