'Gold' is an overwhelming odyssey exemplifying the first ever victory of Independent India.

Reema Kagati directorial 'Gold' is a spellbound journey of India winning its first-ever Olympic Gold as free Independent Nation. The film starts off from 1936 Berlin Olympics and we have the führer, Hitler, as the host while things are pretty much tensed. The backdrop is quite authentic displaying those Nazi Swastika symbols all over perfectly matching the film's narrative to begin with. It is Tapan Das the reigning manager of the Hockey team lost in the sentiment of the tricolour Indian flag feeling the 1936 victory a defeat as they conquer the medal in the name of British India. It is the star striker Samrat leading all the way to victory played by Kunal Kapoor who plays a spot on supporting role this time. Thereafter the film mentions World History speaking about World War 2, nuclear bombs being dropped on Japan and the Olympic games been cancelled twice.

Bengali babumoshai Akshay Kumar in a dhoti-clad becomes a pro drunkard and a gambler high all the time slaying with his deliberate attempt of catching the Bengali accent. Tapan now seeks the opportunity as he reads a headline that informs about the next Olympics games to be held in Great Britain. Here ignites the fire in the heart of a 'Pagal Bengali' who goes on and contacts the Hockey Federation and gets re-elected to now build a team that will lead all the way to bring the prestigious Gold medal for an independent India. The official scouting is conducted and Tapan travels in different parts of India.

A gem of a find is a princely Rajput Hockey player Ragubeer Pratap Singh played by Amit Sadh who has no time to pass the ball but dribbles it like a boss. Sunny Kaushal plays a center forward Sardaarji striker named Balbir and he has backlash with Raghubeer both clashing for their favorite position in the team as a forward. It is Vineet Kumar Singh as Iqbal appointed as the captain of team India and the prep up scenes bring us a feeling of teamwork.

Though it is the tensed partition scene showcased with a lot of intensity and the captain of the team now moves to his new nation Pakistan. The team is scattered and left apart, here comes the supporting role of Kunal Kapoor as Samrat takes out Tapan out of the pit. Tapan's life partner played by Mouni Roy a no-nonsense wife steals it with her replica Bengali accent. Though her role is limited she leaves an impact. 

Amit Sadh and Sunny Kaushal are the surprise package truly star performers of this sports drama. Vineet Kumar Singh just like the other day is close to his character and plays it with no loose ends. While Akshay Kumar does what he is best at, delivering a dozen of emotions all by himself and this time killing it with a character that will be remembered a lot. The climax of the film is one of the best cinematic experiences of the year. It is the Hockey field and a thrilling match with Great Britain that you would love to watch it on loop. Overall Gold passes a loving message of brotherhood, pride and freedom as the best part of the film was the Indians cheering for Pakistan's victory and vice-versa with all their heart of pure Gold. The film accomplishes entertainment and even for the second time you would love to stand for the national anthem with a serene feeling of patriotism. 

The songs of the film keep us hook and they are truly evoking and pleasant. The benevolent number 'Ghar Layenge Gold' in Daler Mehndi's voice with the composition of Sachin-Jigar and words of Javed Akhtar has done magic and the narrative of the film where Tapan Das scouts players is absolutely spot on. Next number 'Monobina' takes us back in those vintage times. It is a classic British style party and we have the Bengali Babumoshai Akshay in full mood to tap his foot on this soft rock number. It is dedicated for Tapan's wife Monobina wife as the lady tries to stop him but she couldn't resist the heartwarming atmosphere and starts dancing on to this calm and peppy song. Every song of the film is engaging and the audiences are hooked to it. 

Technically Gold seems exceptional with every minuscule of details at the right place and the production design team must get a shout out for creating such an impactful backdrop of British India with those old telephones, radio and rest of the interior artwork. It is the Uruguayan cinematographer Álvaro Gutiérrez who just lifts the film up and these slow-motion high-end on-field shots are beyond words. They are a treat to the eye and captured with such a sheer cinematic brilliance. Film's editing by Anand Subaya is spot on carrying the narrative smoothly. Dialogues by Javed Akhtar are to the context and preserves the fragrance of patriotism. Reema Kagati's screenplay is the match winner and an honorable invitation to celebrate the 72nd Independence Day remembering our first prestigious win as a free nation.

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