A thriller gone wrong!

A child's loss is something that cannot be fathomed and when director Shekhar Suman dedicated the movie to his older son Aayush who passed away due to an incurable disease, he made an emotional connect with the audiences. 
'Heartless' is the story of a patient who suffers from anesthesia awareness, a condition where a patient cannot move his body, but can hear and understand things around him. 
The plot of a patient being able to understand the surgery procedure sends chills down the spine; however, it is heavily inspired by Hollywood production 'Awake'. 
Aditya aka Addy (Aadhyayan Suman) is a happy go lucky guy who has lost his father and has an over protective mother, Gayatri (Deepti Naval). Addy falls in love with the ravishing Riya (Ariana Ayam), whom he happens to meet him on a trip to Dubai. 
While love blossoms, Addy is completely unaware that he is suffering from a deadly heart disease and doctor's advice a heart transplant. 
While mom Gayatri wants good friend and famous surgeon Dr. Trehan (Om Puri) to do the transplant, Addy convinces her that his friend surgeon Sam (Shekhar Suman) should do the surgery instead. 
While on the operation bed, Addy suffers from anesthesia awareness and can hear everything going on and is shocked to discover the dark side of a surgery. 
'Heartless' is Aadhyayan Suman's re-launch vehicle and he springs a surprise as he handles a very emotional issue really well. 
Ariana is casted well and she makes a confident debut, she looks very beautiful too. Deepti Naval is a seasoned actress and she plays her part brilliantly. Om Puri is terrific as Trehan. Shekhar Suman also plays his role well. 
Shekhar Suman directs the movie nicely, but he probably chose the wrong subject. 'Heart transplant' is an issue that needs to be dealt with immense knowledge and great sensitivity. However, when the issue is manhandled then it becomes less of a thriller and more of a comedy. 
Music is average and 'Mashqoona' is the only song that stays with you and its shot very well too. 
Medical subjects have to be handled with compassion, but in 'Heartless' a major health issue like a heart transplant is made to look like a child's play. 
The only saving grace of 'Heartless' is Aadhyayan's acting and Shekhar Suman's direction. 
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