India's First Fairy Tale Is Totally A New Age Khoobsurat

We may deny it but truth refrains to change. All of us, each one of us, like romantic tales. No, scratch that, we love romantic tales. Especially, if they happen to be fairy tales. Every girl grows up dreaming of a handsome, young, dashing Prince Charming, who will come along and sweep her off her feet and love her till the end. This is one reason why you are most likely to fall in love with this film, Khoobsurat, Disney's first Indian fairy tale with Sonam Kapoor as its first Indian Princess. 

A simple tale of a girl with dreams, of a girl who is flawed, of a girl who lives a carefree life, of a girl who finally meets her Mr.Perfect. Khoobsurat happens to be a simple tale of a girl who gets to experience a perfect climax and what perfect climax when your Mr. Perfect happens to be a Prince! It was deemed that being a Disney film, there will be a happy ending but what wasn't understood was will the newbie-Fawad Khan do well in his debut and whether the film will spoil the whole original Khubsoorat effect and whether Sonam Kapoor will give an over-the-top finesse to Rekha’s character. Well, post the Happily Ever After you do feel otherwise. The film is fresh and far from being a remake. Tagging it as remake is a fallacy, we feel. The concept of a chirpy chick bringing happiness in lacklustre family remains at the crux but it is the treatment of the subject that's game changer.

Milli aka Dr Mrinalini Chakravarty is an effervescent young girl who comes to treat his highness Shekhar Rathore.  But as the days pass Milli breathes life into this royal family and also starts falling for the young Prince Vikram Singh Rathore. While we love the fashion statement of Kapoor we believe she could pull off the character of a model better. Despite that her sprightly spirit adds charm to Milli's character. Fawad is flawless as a rigid disciplinarian and this looks like a good start for him. With Ranisa Nirmaladevi (Ratna Pathak Shah), Maya Sarabhai of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai returns to the big screen. However, one character who steals the show is Manju (Kirron Kher). Kher as Milli's mother embroils laughter and entertainment with her act. She is even able to pull off a whistle or two from the audience. And that's something! We loved Kirron Kher as Manju.

The film also has its share of flaws which were mostly technical. The monologues that remind us of the Lizzie McGuire monologues aren’t placed well and it has a jarring effect. The audience might confuse the monologue for being a dialogue. They are funny but not entirely rib tickling. As also the song sequences look like they have been forcefully added. And we believe that the climax of the film could've been short and sweet because it makes a 130 minute film look like a 4 hour film!

The songs although not completely melodious but are fun-frolic numbers. The composer, Sneha Khanwalkar who added a pinch of desiness to the album of Gangs of Wasseypur goes all peppy and hip with this film. One or two songs might even tempt you to change your cellphone ringtone, especially for your mom. Tee hee. The lyrics and dialogues of the film are equally quirky. The cinematographer of the film splendidly captures the barren beauty of desert, dunes and palaces of Rajasthan. And that’s something that the filmmakers can brag about. The director, Shashanka Ghosh, whose previous film Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II proved dud at the box office is likely to reprise his stature in Bollywood with our B-town Cinderella. 

Overall the film is fun and a family entertainer. But if you think fairy tales are out of your league please feel free to skip this one.

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