Missing looked like a daily soap crime show with notable performances

Mukul Abhyankar directed psychological thriller 'Missing' featuring Tabu, Manoj Bajpayee and Annu Kapoor in lead roles. It is a below average thriller with phenomenal performances from the cast. Set in the back-drop of Mauritius with soul-soothing beaches and breath-taking climate, the film introduces Manoj Bajpayee as an NRI Indian Sushant Dubey who checks in late night in a five-star suite along with wife Mrs. Dubey as Tabu.

The first half introduces Tabu as a caring mother pampering her loving daughter all the time. However, not a glimpse of her daughter is shown in the film which makes things as cliche as ever. Bajpayee as Sushant is a character that is focused a lot and he is presented as a pervert man hiding his secret affair all the time. He even lays his lusty eyes on the female receptionist while checking in. I mean the tone of the film seems like a Crime Patrol episode but than outstanding acting prowess saved it from conclusively sinking as a disastrous flick. It was Annu Kapoor as Mauritius head-Inspector with 100 percent track record in solving the crime case whose screen-time pleases our eyes. His suspicious nature blends with his French-speaking at times and suddenly talking like a UP wala nerdy guy has a charm to it. The case that has Annu on board is all because of Mrs. Dubey aka Tabu whose daughter 'Titli' goes Missing and this uncertain event causes inspection and interrogation and Sushant as a prime suspect as the narrative proceeds.  

Tabu has acted splendidly performing those emotional scenes quite well, whereas Manoj Bajpayee delivered the finest performance marking his grey character with an ambiguous nature full of doubts and uncertainty. Annu Kapoor as a cop from Mauritius that has an eloquent French accent and utters Bhojpuri when frustrated is what remains in our head.

The first half is un-interesting at most of the part and has an unusual flavour of a mediocre storyline that doesn't serve justice to its cast. Tabu's character development has remained incomplete and yet again this is another Bollywood flick winding up the film hurriedly with many questions unanswered. In fact, the movie title itself reflects a lot about the film. A convincing storyline is Missing, the intriguing factor is missing, justification of the suspect character, in the end, is Missing, now we realise why the film is titled missing. 

This technically sorted flick deserved a better script to fill up its loopholes. Written and directed by Mukul Abhyankar, the screenplay was bland and boring and you can just scratch your head after watching out its climax. Next time if Mukul directs a film, he must surely take care that he appoints some co-writers on-board to alter the script of the film for betterment. Talking about the dialogues which were seemingly dull and we don't recollect a single line from any conversation. Director of Photography Sudeep Chatterjee has managed to shoot compelling sequences as not much expertise was required in this Psychological thriller. Film's editing by Shree Narayan Singh is flawless carrying the narrative of the film as demanded.

We would suggest you to 'Miss' this film due to its unconvincing storyline and tiring narration that just cannot hold your attention.     

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