We suggest go only for Rajput.

Neeraj Pandey's M.S. DHONI - The untold Story was one of the most awaited film this year that claimed to put forward an aspiring tale of a cricketer who rose up from rags to riches and now is one of the most loved personalities of the nation. Now, Cricket and Sports in itself has many stories that have sportsmen or athletes rise up from modest surroundings. Nevertheless, this one was being directed by Neeraj Pandey and stamped by Dhoni himself that brought in more credibility.

When the trailer released it did throw the ball out of the park. With Rajput's earnest attempts and a tight edit, this was one film that we were personally looking forward to, expecting much much more than what it gave us, unfortunately.

With Rajput getting Dhoni's helicopter shot right and he as a young dhoni impressing the coach, the hardwork and the heart out in was quite visible. And that perhaps is the only reason this film will be watched.

The story per say only seems to glorify the man and not show the hardships that night have come his way. Yes, it is inspiring but there could have been a real way to portray it. This one just seems like any other PR stint that is just promoting Dhoni.

Events from his private life added too could not do much to evoke much emotion. However, there is unnecessary drama added with the help of loud background score.

Dialogue are fine and technically the film is sound, however a little more depth into what went into the making of this man would have done more justice to it.

Supporting actors that include Anupam Kher as Dhoni's father, Bhumika Chawla as his sister, Disha Patani as his lost love and Kiara Advani as his would be wife do a good job. It was especially a delight to welcome back Chawla to the big screen. Others that include his friends and supporters too perform well.

The first half goes pretty smooth but there is a sense that you feel of something missing that you expect will pace up in the second half, however to no good.

We so wish that we could really see the untold parts of Dhoni's life with this cinematic attempt, as is we suggest go only for Rajput.

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