PK: A Crazy Tale That’s Fit For Childrens’ Viewing

Aliens, UFOs, Black hole, there are theories galore about the extra-terrestrials and life on other planets. We might even stumble across a few videos that show how the extra-terrestrials really look. But we really haven’t seen any. However, with PK we get to see an alien unrequited love story unfurl.

Touted to be, expected to be, one of the brawny films of the year, PK, turns out to be a fizzler as soon as it takes off. Aamir Khan, who emulates Mr. Bean throughout, is an Alien. He lands on the planet Earth to research about humans and their lifestyle. But as soon as he arrives he is robbed off his most prized possession, the remote control that will take him back home. Then begins his quest to search for a way to get back home. While on this quest he comes across harsh realities of Human life/Indian life and he also makes some good friends like Bhaya (Sanjay Dutt) and Jaggu (Anushka Sharma). However, does he get back home is the premise on which the entire tale revolves.

After reading the gist, didn’t it feel like you were half way through in one of those cheeky childrens’ story? Well, the entire film has childish streak to it. It is quirky, alright but it is equally juvenile in its approach. And in midst of this clamor the filmmakers try tossing the social salad! The blend turns out to be an appetite spoiler. We have already seen a religious satire like OMG: Oh My God and this film seems like an extension of the said film.

It is right that this film has clever humor and a wonder factor that makes us ponder on many things yet it is nothing less than a religious sermon. By showing the reality it questions religion and its existence in our life but doesn’t play with its piousness. In fact, we like the way it shows the contrasts between different religious practices and how even the colours that we wear have a varied meaning to it. However, these adventures become tad too much to handle and the film starts reflecting void which could have been avoided. Sanjay Dutt possibly is a lucky charm for Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra which is why we see him getting more than necessary footage in this film.

Speaking about the music, yes, it is definitely sound and sane. All the songs are beautifully shot and are nothing short of symphony. However, "Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu" and "Dil Darbadar” are heartwarming tracks. The cinematography of the film and the direction too is appeasing as much as it is intelligent. But overall the film is a crazy tale which becomes way too sappy and prolonged towards the climax. It shows reality in utterly unrealistic manner. As Jaggu sums up - PK was just like a child who was restless and curious - this film gets an apt description with that.

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