Movie successfully takes you back to the 60's.

The film deals with the famous K.M. Nanavati murder case which happened in 1959 in Bombay. The case then looked pretty simple where a handsome naval officer killed the lover of her lonely wife, but while giving a cinematic expression to the whole scenario Vipul K Rawal (Screenplay Writer) and Tinu Suresh Desai took on a whole different turn.

The plot line of this films takes one down the memory lane reminding us of the film Achanak directed by Gulzar Sahab, both the narrative have the love affair as a common base line. But in Rustom they did manage to add some meat to the simple narrative by giving it a layer of twist right during the climax. The plot line of the narrative looks very simple where a naval officer – Rustom Pavri returns home from a voyage and discovers that his wife – Ileana D’Cruz is not at their home since past 2 days. He starts enquiring about her and eventually comes to know about her affair with his friend Vikram Makhija only.

Rustom confronts his wife and finally decides to kill Vikram, he himself gets a revolver issued from the armory room of his ship and kills Vikram. Then the trail begins where Rustom a decorated Naval Officer defends himself in front of a Judge and a Jury also submitting a written undertaking that he doesn’t require a lawyer. The case is being inspected by C.B.I Bombay’s top cop Vincent Lobo (Pavan Malhotra) who tries to find more than just a motive for Rustom’s vengeance.

Akshay while playing Rustom Pavri does bring out a sense of believability when we see him being introduced for the very first time on screen, he looks all white in his uniform decorated with medals. There is a certain part in you which would never connect with Rustom because he looks too wooden in terms of expressing emotions on screen. As an audience it is very difficult to connect with the not so expressive Rustom and the all time crying Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz) who has no solid reason why she got involved with Vikram Makhija in the first time.

The time period in which the incident took place no one actually spoke about such associations happening outside marriage so the second half of the film which is entirely based inside the court room falls flat at various points. One of the most striking characters which come out loud is Kumud Mishra as Erach Billimoria, who plays the role of a newspaper owner bringing pun on table to at least bear the second half of the film. The court room conversions looked as very well rehearsed monologues which looked too true to be perfect.

Vincent Lobo (Pawan Malhotra) looked a very convincing officer who is introduced by his constable as one of the most intelligent officers in Bombay C.B.I. Esha gupta looked too stunning but her motive as a character on screen where very unclear. She did put off an appearance which was decided by the director.

Arjun Bajwa also looked charming as a rich man who had all the means and ways to lure any woman. The second half of the film does fall flat which is only happening inside a court room. The film looked stretched after the interval.

The music has rich feel and all the songs are composed by different music directors including Arko, Ankit Tiwary. 

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