A Soul Stirring Film!!!

Very few filmmakers dare to touch a sensitive subject because of the cons associated with it, the risk of failure and opposition they would face if the facts go wrong. Director Hansal Mehta with 'Shahid' takes the plunge of telling a story that touches the heart and is hard hitting.

The film is about Shahid Azmi (Rajkumar Yadav), a slain lawyer who fought for Muslims who are faultily acquitted as terrorists. In his sever year old law career, he fights many controversial cases and one of them is of 98 Mumbai terror attack's prime accused Faheem Ansari. Shahid's fight is with the tag that is bound to be imbibed on you if your name has Khan, Ansari, Mohammed, Ali in it.

'Shahid' is a daring film and supporting Mehta scene by scene is his lead protagonist Rajkumar Yadav. He plays the complex character with excellence leaving no scope for faults. This young actor who shined in films like 'Ragini MMS', 'LSD' and 'Shaitaan' needs bigger films. Another performance worth praising is by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who plays Shahid's brother. Prabhleen Sandhu and Vipin Sharma too support well.

In terms of filmmaking, the camera work is exceptional and the cinematographer makes it look as real as it can. The casting works completely in the film's favour and the screenplay is subtle and thought provoking, exactly how it should be. Frame by frame, the film teaches without getting too preachy as the events that take place in Shahid's life are quite reminiscent in the lives of us Indians, be it Hindu or Muslim.

The film has scenes that will give you goosebumps, inspire you or might also shake you internally. The violence of the 92 Mumbai blasts that forms a major part in shaping Shahid's character, though shown briefly, makes your heart go out for the victims. What's also commendable is the way Mehta shoots the court room scenes that not at all go over board as they do in most Hindi films. The film is soul stirring and the team makes sure it looks authentic at all times.

Support good cinema, watch 'Shahid' and spread the word. 

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