A feat failed miserably.

What has our school thought us? For most of the part we have already forgotten what we learnt. But it sure thought us to have a good beginning and a pleasant end. Correct? This was applicable even to the compositions and the essays we wrote. However, many seem to have forgotten this thumb rule. They are dwelling on insipid ideas and trying to cashing on them. Sonali Cable is one such attempt. It is a feat failed miserably.

Sonali is a bindas Mumbaiya girl who runs an internet cafe. She is a favourite of her customers and can even jump walls to get their broadbands fixed. You see, she never goes offline. Sonali is foul mouthed but every time she cusses in Marathi, it seems like a foreign language. However, we will come to that later.

Speaking of the story, Sonali Cable which is run by the effervescent Sonali is threatened by a big shot firm, Shining, which is slowly taking over the internet and every other such connection of the city. Its proprietor Vaghela (Anupam Kher) is a stickler for money. But he has a supple connotation to his power hungry, maniacal character. Now, Shining wants to overtake a small gamer in the play, Sonali Cable. This is the premise of the film- the fight between the big fish and the small fish. Well, you don't really have to watch the film to know who wins this rat race, but then just go out and satisfy your curiosity. However, here's a statutory warning for all of you: Curiosity killed the cat!

By no means are we berating your courage to watch the film but fulfilling our duty.

Coming to the lead of the film, Rhea Chakravarthy who plays Sonali Dattaram Tandel, is way too bubbly for the character. Her cuteness oozes out and even balloons to an extent. You cannot handle that since it doesn't suit the demand of the character. She is way too naïve to have a customer reach of 3000. She is athletic. Did we tell you she jumps the walls! The entire film is focused not on the story or its character or its music but on Worli, Mumbai's famous fisherman colony. Sonali treads the bylanes of this Worli village and even swings off the walls. Did we tell you that? Ahh, sure we did. Sonali cusses and cusses throughout the film, halkat, harami being her favorite. She also likes to use, "Aye Aaila Tujhya Maicha Gho," but her articulation goes awfully wrong.

The film has a promising premise, a brilliant concept which goes haywire on execution. The celluloid cannot hold the weight of an insipid story. The film is way too bland and you'd rather have a bite of your nachos dipped in tangy salsa sauce than pay attention to the gibberish going on screen. The film tries cashing on emotions, romance, drama, melodramatic dialogues, comedy, politics and society but turns out to be an epic fail.

While Ali Fazal is doing the same old typecast character of being an arm candy, Raghav Juyal of Dance India Dance fame gives away some delightful moves. This film marks Raghav's debut in Bollywood and he does fairly well with the character he portrays. However, what is annoying is that the character of Sada is shown dancing even when there happens to be no music playing. Wait for it, his apparition too is shown doing a slomo dance. Swanand Kirkire does a good job as Dattaram Tandel and Anupam Kher too has quirky mannerisms as Vaghela. Disappointment is that these talents aren't used to their fullest. Faisal Rashid takes a very good jump from small screen to silver screen with this film. However, with baseless storyline, unappealing music, this one from Ramesh Sippy Entertainment isn't worth your money.

You can surely skip this one. One star for an impromptu performance by Kher and Kirkire. 

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