A jaded attempt at romance.

If you are thinking that this film will offer something new then get out! Coz this film isn't what you are expecting. Bordered with crime this film is sprinkled with romance between two criminals. Sounds thrilling? Perhaps it was till the first half of the film. However, the film fizzles out in between and smugly dies down towards the end.

Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi) is an extortionist and Babu (Richa Chadda) belongs to the drug mafia. Accidentally they meet and circumstances force them to stick together. Now, what starts with friction ends in steamy sighs. However, Munna can't get over his lady love and sets out to find her in the darkest and dungiest clandestine crime scenes of Delhi. He finds his destiny. She asks him to leave. But the man is so madly in love with Babu that he wouldn’t budge. He sticks around her and the duo frolic in love. But hey! There is also that dreadful Haryanvi dictioned villain in the play. He is hardly dreadful but since antagonists are supposed to be that, we give him the benefit of doubt.  

Coming to the performances, Dwivedi comes across as a debutant with his juvenile act. Though Chadda is far better with her part she still fails to cast an impression on the viewers. The hide and seek of the lovers gets boring but to do away with the boredom we have multiple soul soothing and feet tapping melodies. The film earns brownie points for its music.

What we don't like about the film? Ah, well, it comes close to being a multi-lingo but fails at the attempt. It comes close to being romantic but fails at the attempt. It comes close to being an entertainer but alas it fails at the attempt.

Only thing that is consistent throughout is Richa Chadda cussing Dwivedi as "Behen Da Taka".  The charm of the film is mini La Tomatina fest between the leads that takes place in a "maal gadi". This criminal love story moves from drug mafia to bank robberies and has an Ishqzaade-esque climax but remains a lackluster flick throughout.

Last to last week we had Desi Kattey and this week it's Tamanchey. Both have an okay storyline which lacks execution. Speaking of Tamanchey, it becomes highly unbearable towards the end and leaves you dazed.

This is certainly not your pick for this week or is it?

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