A stretchy and confusing affair full of needless and unnecessary antics. Only for die-hard Ranbir fans.

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali's previous effort 'Highway' proved to be a sleeper hit. Ali is known for making films with striking and distinguishing storylines, hence obviously expectations from him soar high everytime he comes up with a film. Same was the case with his latest venture 'Tamasha'. But will this film live up to the expectations of the audience or will it simply fizzle out, let's analyze.

'Tamasha' tells the story of Ved Vardhan Sahni (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara Maheswari (Deepika Padukone) who are bored of their daily mundane lives in their hometown in India and who then embark off to Corsica, France to get rid of their boring life, break free and enjoy life to the fullest. It is here where both of them meet and get into an agreement that they will refrain from asking each other's personal details and also that whatever happens in between them in Corsica, would be a secret. The duo then start living their life to the fullest until one day they both return back to India and once again their life becomes mundane as it was earlier. Both of them depart with the promise that they will never meet each other ever again but in a twist of fate end up meeting each other again. This is when love starts blooming between the two and one fine day Ved proposes to Tara in front of his pals. But then Tara drops a bombshell on Ved by rejecting his proposal. This leaves Ved completely shattered, so much so that he even ends up losing his job. What's the reason behind Tara's refusal, what happens in Ved's life after this and will the two ever be together again is what forms the reminder of the story.

Coming to terms with the acting part, the film's lead pair, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone carry the film equally on their shoulders. Both manage to carry out their respective characters with finesse and looked in good form. Well, it's pretty obvious that given the fact that both of them are ex-flames, proved to be advantageous as their onscreen chemistry is indeed pretty good in the film. Rest of the supporting cast which includes Piyush Mishra and Vivek Mushran are strictly okay.

The cinematography of the film is commendable although there is nothing very special to mention about it. The editing part frankly is poorly handled as the film is quite stretchy, runs for two and a half hours and many of the needless scenes in the film could have been chopped off or atleast trimmed. The film could have easily been trimmed by atleast half an hour. The length of the film and add to that some of the needless scenes might just start creeping on you after a while and might just also put you in a slumber.

Music of the film is composed by the legendary music maestro A R Rahman and hence the expectations from 'Tamasha's soundtrack album were sky high. But unfortunately, this time A R Rahman fails to live up to his calibre as the soundtrack is pretty mediocre and none of the songs are extraordinary. The only one which stands out by a meagre margin is 'Matargashti' performed by Mohit Chauhan. Rest of the songs are frankly not upto to the mark.

Director Imtiaz Ali fails to deliver this time with his film 'Tamasha' as it is nowhere even close to his previous efforts like 'Highway' and 'Jab We Met'. The film is full of needless and unnecessary antics by both Ranbir and Deepika which might just bring in the feeling of "O God, what's going on around here" in you. Of couse the actors aren't the ones to be blamed for this. The film picks up pace a little bit only in the second half but by then, you would have already become a bit weary because of the monotonous first half. 

All said and done, 'Tamasha' is surely not a film of the quality which was expected from Imtiaz Ali. Watch this one only if you are a die-hard fan of the film's lead pair either collectively or separately or if you have nothing better to do this weekend

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