It's a film that will touch your heart. 

With hope comes waiting, waiting for days, for months together, waiting for the sun to shine brighter waiting for what you desire. That's exactly what this film is about. It's about being strong in the toughest of times; it’s about faking those smiles just to cope with what's on your plate. It's about trying to subtly escape the fear.

The leads of the film Shiv (Naseeruddin Shah) and Tara (Kalki Koechlin) are the ones waiting, waiting for answers to their ocean of questions, waiting to know where their journey with their loved ones would end. Ironically Tara and Shiv meet each other in the "waiting" room of a hospital in Kochi where Shiv's wife Pankaja (Suhasini Maniratnam) has been battling with coma for months together and Tara's husband Rajat (Arjun Mathur) was in a critical state, eventually slipping into coma after a terrible accident. Tara is a newlywed, young, high spirited, independent lady while Shiv is a man of experience and thought with his 40 year old marriage. 

Despite being on two ends of the age spectrum, Shiv and Tara seek companions in each other and find peace in each other's company. They click with a sense of understanding each other's situations. Both of them endure everything that comes their way only to get back their respective spouse in health. It's anything but easy for them to walk in and out of those medicinal rooms with people clothed in white engrossed in treatment of their loved ones, with Shiv, who has been at the routine for several months, not losing hope and Tara who least expected to be there few weeks into her marriage.

Both Naseeruddin and Kalki are perfect for their roles, with the right amount of expression and emotion displayed. Their acting is very natural and fresh to the script doing full justice to the director's vision. The supporting cast too has done a good job.

This film displays true emotions and feelings and has a story we can relate to. The dialogues would sound as if you yourself were speaking there in that situation. Off late it was as if Bollywood film makers had forgotten the true essence of cinema, and had completely washed out themes of long lasting love, companionship, happiness, undying hope and misery. However Anu Menon has brought out a soulful story with all these aspects in the right proportion. It's a film that will touch your heart.

Anu Menon has used the scenic beauty of Kochi to her advantage to add that soothing touch to the film. To keep the realism, we see the characters speaking a line or two in Malyali as well. Some highlighting scenes in the film are when both the leads are in deep silence yet in all senses understanding what the other was feeling and in search of answers.

Both helpless, both trying hard to set things right. Will destiny be in favor of them and put an end to their misery? Will their friendship give them strength enough to cope with the impending loss?

The background score of the film is subtle and powerful at the same time and the pace just apt.

Anu Menon has done a fine job with this film and has brought to us an emotional journey of two strangers who cross paths in waiting for what life had in store for them and their loved ones. So if you really want watch something meaningful do grab a seat for this one.

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