Not special, but not that bad either.

Producer Vashu Bhagnani makes another attempt at re-launching his son Jackky with 'Welcome To Karachi' that has the stupendous Arshad Warsi for support. Another plus is that the uber talented Vrijesh Hirjee has penned the screenplay. So is the film worth watching??

Bollywood audience has certainly been divided into the leave-your-mind-at-home ones and the ones who look for logical reasoning. This one certainly falls in the former category. Given that WTK comes out of Rohit Shetty's former assistant Mohan's bag, we were definitely expecting this. However, Shetty's films are high on the entertainment quotient and Mohan still needs a bit more experience to get there. Not that he totally disappoints, but there are valleys more than peaks in his direction which are quite perceptible.

As the title and the promos suggest, the film portrays an unlikely turn of events has the lead protagonists of the film Shammi Thakur (Arshad Warsi who plays an ex-navy officer) and Kedar Patel (Jackky Bhagnani who plays a Gujju desperate to go to the states) land at Karachi and into a further soup with politicians and terrorists using them as pawns for their own benefits.   

Welcome to Karachi is being promoted as the Hindi version of 'Dumb and Dumber'. The characters are Dumb, yes but no way can the film be compared to the Hollywood classic. The culprit here is the extremely weak direction and so to say the clichéd basic plot. Hirjee's screenplay tries to add its magic but falls flat at quite a few places.

Warsi tries his best but the dialogues let him down. Bhagnani is not bad. Lauren is an excellent dancer and should stay away from the acting bit. Rest of the cast is the mix of caricatures apart from a few okay ones. Songs are pretty average and the blame is completely on the lyrics. Cinematography decent though did take a lot of cinematic liberties.

A few scenes in the film are definitely entertaining including the parliament one. The comic timing of the actors takes the cake away at quite a few places too and then Lauren Dance number is worth watching as well.

We would not say that the film cannot be missed but it's not absolutely bad either.  So if you have nothing that you are looking forward to do this weekend, go watch it at a theatre near you.

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