The film proves to be easily predictable.

An action packed romance, Baaghi surely has managed to catch eyeballs with its cutting edge action sequences. However, what the movie lacks is a strong story line to support all the drama and action in it. With Tiger Shroff (Ronny) and the Shraddha Kapoor (Sia) in the leading roles, the targeted youth will definitely enjoy the sizzling Chemistry between the two ravishing actors.

It may hurt, but here's the thing: Tiger Shroff can break bones with his bare hands, but he doesn't have the power to emotionally sway viewers. In this violent romance Baaghi, his acting is as rigid and stiff as his washboard abs. While it is inspiring to watch him annihilate his enemies using Kalaripayattu (traditional martial art form from Kerala), the motive behind him going on a rampage is poorly established.

This film is packed with clichés ranging from two men infatuated by the same girl to the usual damsel-in-distress discourse by the Bollywood heroine (Shraddha Kapoor). The film proves to be easily predictable by the viewers with its very typical story line. Shraddha Kapoor playing the love interest of two men, sports the usual traits of a chirpy, cute and enthusiastic girl, often found talking to herself. The two men find these traits irresistible and set out to conquer her love.

We are told that Ronny (Shroff) is a dyed-in-the-wool, reckless rebel (which means baaghi). He loves living by his own rules. His ailing father is concerned about his perverse son and jolts him off to a martial arts school in Kerala, run by his best friend. We see Tiger Shroff flaunting his irresistible body with its perfect cuts and thoroughly impressing the audience with his flying kicks and distinct martial art skills.

Shraddha Kapoor, who plays an aspiring actress Sia, is rather underutilized. While she looked extremely appealing in a bikini, she didn't have much else to grab on. Her role would have been purely ornamental had it not been for a few minor stunts that she executes in the climax portraying a rough side to her bubbly character. Although, need it be said that she managed to maintain her salon perfect look even with all the fighting. Her lip locks with the stunning Hero are just another attraction.

The villain, played by Telugu actor Sudheer Babu, is frustratingly one-dimensional. His motives for multiple murders is borderline stupid. We see nothing different in the plot with Babu trying his best to do away with Shroff and win over Shraddha Kapoor in all the wrong ways.

Everybody in this drama is just familiar with the idea of beating their hindrances dead or otherwise. The film relies entirely on potent (often senseless) action sequences. However, the music in the film has managed to work to its advantage. The music of the film is composed by Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari & Manj Musik while the background score is given by Julius Packiam. Lyrics of the movie are penned by Kumaar, Abhayendra Kumar, Sanjeev Chaturvedi & Raftaar. The songs are fresh and peppy. With a perfect mix of groovy and romantic numbers, the scintillating music does wonders. Shraddha Kapoor's soft and delicate voice enhances the song 'Sab Tera' which she has sung with Armaan Malik. Tiger Shroff's jaw dropping, flawless dance moves definitely steal the show.

Apart from some exciting action sequences and trendy music, there's not much that the film offers to look forward to. So if you're looking for a one time watch, full of muscle and traces of mind, then go ahead and grab the film. 

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