One of the best thrillers of Bollywood!

Nikhil Advani is known for mushy love stories and family drama, so it certainly came as a surprise when the director decided to take a plunge into making a thriller. The capture of India's Most Wanted Criminal 'Goldman' (Rishi Kapoor) forms the premise of the movie, and it is this mission that brings the four protagonists together in foreign land. Nikhil touches on the very sensitive topic of India not being able to capture the man behind the multiple bomb explosions which have hit India for over two decades now. In 'D-Day', Nikhil presents the story of the unsung heroes, who sacrifice their lives, and put their duty and National honor ahead of their family. 
Wali (Irrfan Khan) is a RAW agent, who has been living in Pakistan under the disguise of a local barber for 9-long years. He has a wife Nafisa (Shriswara) and a 6-year old son Kabir (Dwij). While Wali is an emotional husband and father, duty always comes first, a reason why he reports to the RAW that Goldman is in Pakistan and he would also be attending his son's wedding in person. Based on this information, RAW Chief Ashwini Rao (Nasser) kick starts a secret mission and plants Rudra (Arjun Kapoor), Zoya (Huma Qureshi) and Aslam (Aakash Dahiya) in Pakistan. Rudra is an ex-army man, and he finds solace in the arms of Pakistani prostitute (Shruti Haasan). Zoya loves her husband (Raj Kumar) a lot, but that doesn't stop her from leaving London to take on this life-threating mission in Pakistan. Aslam is convicted for murder and serving a RAW agent is in a way his ticket to freedom.Unlike the other three, he has no emotional strings attached. While all four are set to capture Goldman alive, their job keeps getting complicated and at one point it seems like 'Mission Impossible'. 
Irrfan Khan is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood; he portrays all the shades of 'Wali' brilliantly. Be it emotional or enacting a deceptive confused side, he displays them all. Irrfan is undoubtedly an actor at par excellence. Arjun Kapoor is maturing as an actor with every movie and 'D-Day' is his career's best so far. His expressions do all the talking. Rishi Kapoor is terrific; he is ready to experiment and always manages to pick the right roles. Rishi has worked on his voice and body language, and that adds power to his character. Huma Qureshi shares the screen with some powerful actors, but she manages to stand on her own and proves her histrionics in her role. Nasser gives an impeccable performance. Shruti Hassan, Aakash Dahiya and Shriswara are actors who would go a long way, as they are immensely talented. 
Music of the movie by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is mesmerizing; 'Ek Ghadi' is a beautiful romantic track that touches the soul. 'Alvida' is a great track and the way the song is shot, it simply touches your heart. 
Nikhil Advani, who made his directorial debut with 'Kal Ho Naa Ho', makes quite a transition with 'D-Day'. Making a political-thriller is not an easy task, but Nikhil takes on the challenge with élan. He has researched the subject well and has lined up an ensemble cast. He has teamed up with Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah to develop an exciting screenplay. Editors Aarif Sheikh and Unni Krishnan do a fabulous job, as they have made the entire flow of the movie quite exciting. Throughout the movie, Nikhil introduces a lot of twists and turns; however, we wished that the ending was more realistic.
'D-Day' is one of the best thrillers produced in Bollywood, so go watch it.
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