Socially relevant issue, however fails at execution. 

There are films that are made for entertainment and then there are ones like 'Irada' that are made not just for entertainment but to drive across a point home. Debutante director Arpanaa Singh's offering manages to hit it on point raising a socially relevant issue, however it's the execution of the film that falters.

Irada speaks about the fatal cost of development that we are paying as a society. Industrial and pharmaceutical waste that is contaminating our water leading to cancer. Shah plays a disciplinarian army man who looses his daughter to Lung cancer, reason, she use to swim in the contaminated canal. He now seeks revenge. The antagonists are the state chief minister played by Dutta and the Kelkar's business tycoon. Warsi's sleuth is sent to uncover the truth.

Performances in the film are top notch and probably only positive that lifts the film when it comes to its making. Be it Shah or Warsi, both bring an effortless charm to their craft and make it as real as possible. Dutta gets to overact and Kelkar make a sort of an impact. There's also Sagarika Ghatge in the film who makes a decent effort.

Technically there are quite a bit of flaws with a production value being strictly average. The music doesn't impresses either.

Now the choice is between content that people need to know about and the film is executed shoddily. Take a call.

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