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Popular books being adapted to a movie is a trend nowadays and Filmmaker Karan Johar jumps on the bandwagon with Chetan Bhagats's 2 STATES - The story of my marriage.

The movie begins with Krish (Arjun Kapoor) talking to a psychiatrist and shocking everyone by making a statement that he wants to commit suicide as his life has fallen apart. 

Krish falls madly in love with Ananya (Alia Bhatt) from the minute he sees her on IIM campus and surprisingly she too wants to be friends with him. 

Krish and Ananya start off as buddies and end up as lovers who want to get married, however, the biggest challenge is their families. 

Pleasing their parents turns out to be quite a process and Krish's mom Kavita Malhotra (Amrita Singh) feels that the Ananya whom she address as 'Madrasan' is trapping her son. While Ananya's mom Radha (Revathy) feels that Punjabi's are 'uncultured people'. 

Krish tries to win over Ananya's family by tutoring the brother, making PowerPoint presentations for the dad and trying to provide a platform to the mom to showcase her singing talent. 

Ananya on other hand tries to impress Krish's mom with her cooking skills and win over his family at a social gathering. 

Arjun Kapoor is perfect as Krish, he looks every inch like the Punjabi boy who is burdened with his parents' tension. He looks geeky and at the same time like a guy who would go to any extent to save his relationship. 

Arjun makes you feel for Krish, every time he gives that innocent expression he adds a lot of nuances to his character. 

Alia Bhatt brings freshness to the role and she plays her character with great maturity. 

Amrita Singh is commendable. She plays the loud Punjabi mother to perfection. Ronit Roy is intense. He makes sure you hate him and that is the power of an actor. Revathy is a pleasure to watch. Shiv Kumar Subramaniam delivers a great performance as a father who expresses his emotions with few words. Achnit Kaur is very likeable as the nosy aunt who loves flaunting her social status. 

Abhishek Varman makes a smashing directorial debut. He is from Dharma school and its evident from his direction style. 

Varman has also written the script for the movie and that makes the narration smooth. He smartly skips a few pages of the book which might be interesting to readers but not to viewers. He also handles a few scenes well, like the violent ones at Malhotra household and the heartbroken Krish. 

Cinematography by Binod Pradhan is stupendous. Editor Namrata Rao does an average job, few transitions are not smooth. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is okay, 'Locha-E-Ulfat' and 'Offo' are the only two songs that will stay with you. 

Credit also goes to Chetan Bhagat for writing such an interesting 'story of his marriage'. He is not only a good author but also a strong screenplay writer, a reason why his books translate into blockbusters. 

In 2 STATES, he brings about the stereotypes Indians have about their cultures and also the fact that parents are not happy about kids picking their life partners. 

After '3 Idiots', '2 States' will be the second time that Chetan Bhagat will score big at the box office. 

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