Mission Possible

Gandhi (Chiranjeevi) a poor chap with an ailing mother and despite all his efforts, he cannot save her from dying. Eventually she dies but he needs the money for her funeral and the wardboy (Sai Kumar) is not ready to keep the body unless Gandhi hands over some money to him.


In the meanwhile, business tycoon Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopal Rao), rushes into the hospital to cure his ailing wife. During that event, Gandhi plays a numerical trick with Ram's daughter Harika (Vijayshanti). This impresses her and she pays him Rs. 500 for his mother's funeral. But the cunning wardboy takes away Gandhi's money, leaving him with nothing.


After the funeral he is left with no money and no home, hence he wanders around on the streets. While he is walking, he comes across a woman, Lakshmi (Suhasini Mani Ratnam) who is drowning as she jumps off a bridge.


He jumps to save her and after that they go to Lakshmi's house. While reading the newspaper, he comes across an advertisement for a job posted by Ram Mohan Rao (Rao Gopal Rao) who is Harika's father. He understands the trick behind the advert and goes to his house to inquire about the same. In an arguement Gandhi tells Ram that abyone can earn money and that he can earn Rs. 5 lakhs in 5 years.


It is then when Ram tell him to earn all that money and he will let his daughter marry him and they sign an agreement. Gandhi leaves the house with a mission and Ram tears the agreement papers as he knows that Gandhi will never be able to complete his mission.


As time passes by, Gandhi proves everyone wrong but how he goes about earning that money is what you need to find out.


Each character has given a very good performance, with Chiranjeevi displaying his best. Every moment counts where each scene is meticulously scripted. The music provided by Ilaiyaraaja is perfect. No doubt this family entertainment adds a royal touch


So all those looking out for some family fun!! Grab the best time this weekend to indulge in some action packed drama with love and comedy.

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