31st October speaks right though lacks the impact.

An important film on the aftermath of the Indira Gandhi assassination, 31st October speaks right though lacks the impact.

Not every Sikh killed Mrs Gandhi is what the protagonist says and rightly so. The official numbers of the killings during the riot were declared to be 2500 but they were at least three times more than that.

The film tracks the story of a common man who must have never ever thought that his turban would prove lethal to his and his family's life. Davinder Singh (Vir Das) drops his kids to school thinking about his day knowing very little that the coming time would prove to be his first nightmare.

31st October covers the plight of this family well with Singhs three friends trying to help them out of Tilak Nagar, a densely populated Sikh neiborhood in Delhi.

Vir Das is a complete miscast, though he does try to give in his best. We would have totally loved if the part was given to a Irrfan Khan or even Sunny Deol. Soha Ali Khan looks the part and is decent. However it's the plot that lacks the power to carry this kind of a subject.

Technically, the budget constraints are quite visible but that is not the main issue that the film faces. Yet again it's the narrative, basic plot that needed more depth and research and a weak direction.

With a heavy heart we say, you can watch it when it premieres on national television although we would really want more and more people to know about the point it is trying to portray.

Even better if this could be recreated in a more sensitive manner.

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