Way above the Indian standards for a spooky film!!!

Debutante directors Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber's '3G – A Killer Connection' is an engaging supernatural thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seats right till the end. It begins with interesting opening credit rolls from a mobile phone and what adds to the glory is the background score.


'3G' starts on a slow and boring note, with more of intimate scenes between the lead pair Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan. The love track gets extremely predictable and repetitive. Gradually you start feeling that the film is one of those banking on skin show and intimacy. Though, it is Neil's performance that keeps you from leaving the theatres. He is scared of a phone call that he keeps receiving from a mysterious woman after he bought a second hand 3G enabled phone.


The story gradually starts picking up when Neil and Sonal, called Sam and Sheena in the film, start following the leads to find out what is happening to them. A series of murders then take place and finally they reach the climax that though, is shot well, the speedy flashes make it confusing for an average cinegoer to understand.


Neil and Sonal both look good as the entire first half is focussed on them and their chemistry. The two have visual appeal and are definitely one of the hottest onscreen couple in the industry. Their performance is natural though it seems a little casual at times. Mrinalini Sharma is simply annoying, while Asheesh Kapur gets over the top. The rest of the supporting cast is decent with a special mention of the lady who plays 'Diana' in the film.


The dialogues and cinematography are mediocre. The music though is soothing; a few songs are placed randomly and were absolutely not required.


You will find quite a few similarities in the narration with Shantanu and Sheershak's last film as writers that is 'Table No. 21'. Both '3G' and 'Table No. 21' are based on social issues, but how the director duo connects technology with supernatural happenings makes '3G' an interesting watch. Though, some may find it bizarre, these kind of films are way above Indian standards of spooky films.


So we recommend to watch it once, and you sure will not regret it.

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