Only for the die-hard Emraan Hashmi fan.

The Bhatts seem to have found a formula for making films about love and revenge and they do not really want to get over it. All their films revolve around a similar concept and Mr. X is no different. The story is about Anti-Terrorist squad agent Raghuram Rathod (Emraan Hashm) being tricked into killing the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, a day before his marriage to colleague Sia Verma (Amyra Dastur).

As you must have already guessed, the idea behind Vikram Bhatt’s latest outing is nothing novel and adding the invisible act to it didn’t help much either. The only thing that saves the film from bombing is Emraan Hashmi’s idol worshipping single screen audience.

As far as the performances go most actors look nothing but caricatures. Hashmi, no doubt has great potential, but the actor has very limited choice. We would sincerely want the Hirani’s and Kashyap’s of the Industry to take note here and cast him in one of their projects. Miss Dastur is not fit for the role. She looks and behave completely the opposite of how she is expected to. Arunoday Singh, hasn’t found the right mentor yet. Though he looks his part, his dialogues let him down. Rest of the cast, including Tanmay Bhatt is strictly okay.

Screenplay is pretty much predictable and the film sure could have done with a few edits. Bhatt films have amazing songs, but this one lacks in that department as well. The songs though decent have o comparison with previous Hashmi starrers. A few VFX are good as per Indian standards, but still there is a long way to go before we can be at par international artists.

The details have not been taken care of and the audience is take for granted in more than one ways. Few sequences aren’t explained and are left to the viewer’s imagination. The film is based in Mumbai while a few scenes seem to be shot in a different location all together.

This film is far away from a ‘labour of love’ and is not worth your time. We are going for two stars for this one and would suggest that you should avoided it provided you are a big Emraan Hashmi fan. 

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