'7 Hours to go' makes for an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. 

There's something about very interesting and intriguing about films that have a time frame to chase. Its fast pace with a clock ticking gives a kind of an adrenaline rush to the viewer and if its made well, nothing like it. Varma's third outing after 'Mickey Virus' and 'Solid Patels' is a step ahead and will not disappoint.

Arjun Ranavat (Shiv Pandit), an ex-cop arrives in Mumbai unintentionally to witness his girlfriend getting murdered in front of his eyes at the High Court. This leads him to get 7 passer-bys hostage until he finds the murderers. Ace cop Nandni Shukla (Sandeepa Dhar) and the officer on duty Ramesh Dhadhke (Varun Badola) are given 7 hours to solve this mystery.

'7 Hours to go' makes for an edge-of-the-seat entertainer with the required twists and turns added that will keep the audience glued, however, it's the climax that might turn out to be a tad disappointing. Shiv Pandit is a good actor and brings the best out of Varma's Ranavat. His intense body language and dialogue delivery pushes the bar slightly high. Dhar is slightly a miscast. Though she trained in mixed martial arts for the film and did her best to look the part, there is something so polished about her facial features that screams that this cop aint real. Badola is our absolute favourite in the film and stands out. He has been given some of the best dialogues and does a good job. Natasa looks good in whatever little that she has. Rest of the supporting cast is strictly okay.

Milind Jog's cinematography is worth commending however it's the music that we have a bit of a problem with. Though it isn't bad, at times, it just doesn't fit this bill. The film has its set of flaws and the computer graphics at places look way too tacky. The first half is certainly better and the second might let you down.

Overall, 7 Hours to go, isn't a bad watch. So go for it.

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