Remo D'souza's 'A Flying Jatt' sure has a flying start.

Half the nation is crazily swooning over beat pe Booty from A Flying Jatt, a reason enough after a funny trailer to invite people into cinema halls. Fun is what the film looks on the outskirts with a Superhero who is scared of heights and his bebe and gets absolutely baffled when it comes to his lady love. Good Masala for a good entertainer especially for the kids. And Remo D'souza's A Flying Jatt sure has a flying start.

It holds us together, is entertaining and the songs rock. However, it's the second half that is a complete let down. We get it that there is no substitute to mother earth but dude we don't need you to hammer it into our heads. Whatever happened to Subtlety?

The film that had all the ingredients of being a nice clean fun flick loses to its super preachy second half. Why Oh Why do most Bollywood films are still facing the curse of the second half being the total let down. Why do we need films that take a complete U Turn. We get it that you need to show how the superhero gets his superpowers and save the world, but please do that in a more subtle and entertaining way. Rather than going all OTT about it.

Now, if you say that its Punjabi, it had to be OTT. Well, not really.

Long Weekend, and for a lack of a good film, the first half will totally entertain you like a Boss. Tiger Shroff is taking the right route. He is not quite there but you know that his attempts are earnest. He dances and does action like a pro. Jacqueline, as her other films, adds glamour and looks exceptionally good on the silver screen. However, her character could have done with more meat. We love Gaurav Pandey. He has something in him that makes him absolutely adorable. Kay Kay Menon is his usual self. Amrita Singh is louder than ever but is a good watch. Nathan Jones, well both the film and him could have done without each other.

Technically, the low VFX on why the superhero is flying so low are explained in the film, but yes there is scope for improvement. Cinematography is ace and songs will definitely stay with us for long.

As we said earlier, go watch it for the first half and Tiger Shroff’s earnest performance.

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