Remakes don't necessarily always work. But Aaradhana, the telugu remake of the Tamil film Kadalora Kavithaigal proved to be an exception. Aaradhana, a 1987 Romantic movie directed by Bharathiraja.

The movie revolves around an illiterate rowdy chap Puliraju (Chiranjeevi) from a small town. His life is set to change with the arrival of a new school teacher (Suhasini) in the town. Her slap, in stead of him wanting to seek revenge, makes him want to change for her. Now like any other love story, even they have to face many problems. But will they finally succeed to get united? Will their love triumph over the society and family norms and values? You will have to find out to know more about it...

All the actors have done justice to the movie and their roles. The direction is also very good. Although the story is kind of cliched, it is still great how the actors have portrayed it.

All in all, it is a good movie which will entertain you for sure.
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