Mass is the base

Watching Balakrishna's films is like attending a temple festival. Full of colours and celebrations, they hardly fail to entertain us, though there would not be anything new. 'Adhinayakudu' is one more to the list, strictly following the syntax of Balayya's films.


Balakrishna playing a single role itself would be a reason to rejoice to his fans. Here in 'Adhinayakudu', the Nandamuri hero appears in three characters and ensures his presence in almost in every scene. The result...well, you will have to see it in the theatre.


The storyline is as thin as wafer. But the way it has been presented with mass elements and the screen presence of N.B.K. makes all the difference. On the whole, 'Adhinayakudu' is like old wine, but brewed in a fine way keeping in mind the present political scenario.


The story goes like this: Harischandra Prasad (Balakrishna) is a very powerful leader in Seema who treats the people as his children. When he tries to construct a steel factory to ensure jobs to the public, hurdles come in the form of Ramappa (Pradeep Rawat) and his assistant (Kota Srinivasa Rao).


When they plan to eliminate him, Harischandra Prasad is saved by his son Ramakrishna (Balakrishna). But the story takes a twist when the baddies infuse poison in the heart of Bobby (Balakrishna), who is the son of Ramakrishna. Do they succeed in their attempts is the rest of the film.


Balakrishna shows variety in his three different characters. He utters some much expected punch lines, apparently targeted at his real life political rivals. Lakshmi Rai is there to fill in the glamour quotient.


Jayasudha, Sukanya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Pradeep Rawat, Charan Raj, M.S. Narayana, Venumadhav and Brahmanandam also add enough value to the film.


Kalyani Mallick, who fails to impress the audience with the songs, strikes a balance in re-recording. T. Surender Reddy's cinematography is as racy and colourful as the script, while the dialogues and editing are quite appealing.


Paruchuri Murali has added one more feather to Balakrishna's cap. No matter how old it is, as long as the audiences are satisfied.

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