A very realistic, surreal and one of a kind experience.

Films based on real life incidents are quite common nowadays in Bollywood and Raja Krishna Menon's 'Airlift' is one such film. Without any further adieu, let's analyze whether 'Airlift' will manage to click with the audiences or not.

'Airlift' is a story about a real life incident of the Iraq-Kuwait war of 1990 and the biggest evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait in history. It shows how the Iraqi president during the time, Saddam Hussein carries out the biggest civil operation of evacuating Indians in Kuwait and the kind of pathos and crisis which Kuwait went through during this operation. To know more, we recommend you to go and watch the film.

Coming to terms with the acting part, Akshay Kumar truly is the heart and soul of the film. His role in the film proves that indeed the actor has worked really hard to get into the skin of the character which he plays. He is simply in his elements in this one, as he plays his character with effortless ease and finesse. Akshay carries out each and every expression required from his character with elaan and after a point of time, his brilliant acting might just make you feel the pathos and tragedy depicted in the film yourself through him. He once again proves the fact that he is not just one of the best action stars in Bollywood but also one of the best versatile actors that we have in the industry right now. Nimrat Kaur who plays Akshay's wife, also has done justice to her role, shows promise in her acting abilities and has given apt support to Akshay. Rest of the supporting cast of Inaamulhaq and Purab Kohli are equally good in their respective roles and help in carrying the film forward.

Cinematography of the film is commendable as the film is shot with superb expertise and the same is the case with the film's editing as the film is aptly edited and the length has been kept to just over two hours and also the film does not get laggy or stretchy at any point of time.

Out of the five songs in the film, there are two which stand out. One being the peppy and foot tapping 'Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi' and the other being the patriotic and heart touching 'Tu Bhoola Jise'. Rest of the tracks are not bad either.

Filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon has indeed made a supremely fine film and it proves that the filmmaker has indeed done in depth research before making the film. There are no flaws whatsoever in the film, the story, the acting, the music and just about everything is simply brilliant. 'Airlift' is a film which might just make you feel the pathos and tragedy displayed in it yourself after a point and might also make you clap out loud during the climax. It is one of those gems which you simply should not miss. If you are tired of nonsensical and typical masala kinda flicks and if you are looking for something meaningful and good, then 'Airlift' is surely and obviously your bid. Book your tickets right away as this film is very realistic, surreal and a one of a kind experience. We are going for four stars for 'Airlift'

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