A cliched love story that belongs to all genres!!

Luv Ranjan entered the Bollywood film industry with the film 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama' that spoke about three boys and their lives that dealt with love, career, responsibilities and more.


But with 'Akaash Vani' Luv speaks about the romantic relationship a girl and a guy share once they get to know each other and become close. A topic that everyone knows about in real and reel life. Luv could have added some twists and turns to the regular spice that we all relish, but this turned out to be a sheer disappointment as compared to his first movie.


Akaash (Karthik Tiwari) and Vani (Nushrat Bharucha) are two common people who set out to start a new life. Their life starts from St. Stephen's College, Delhi university.


Akaash is a spoilt brat, living a life filled with fun and no responsibilities whatsoever. Vani, on the other hand is a quite girl brought up with social customs and norms. But when they meet each other, they change each other completely. However, sooner than they know, they fall in love as they complete the three most beautiful years of their life.


Separating ways and finding a reason to live without each other after that is what forms the crux of the film.


Nushrat plays a very different character in this film. Her performance is honest and stunning, proving it once again that she is here to make it big. She leaves you teary eyed. As the story is all about Vani, Nushtrat does add justice to her role.


Karthik, on the other hand is the same from his debut film. There are certain scenes where he'll leave you all suprised and astonished. But that's about it, nothing more.


The supporting cast consisting of veteran actors Kiran Kumar and Sunny Nijjar have done well too. They hold the story together playing their part when required.


What disappoints in the story is the story itself and the length of it. Some scenes that could be shortened are prolonged in the film for no reason at all.


No doubt, the scenic views, picturesque locales, snowfall and hilltop cottages are very pretty to look at. It's as if one is seeing a fairytale.


The story might be cliched, but Nushrat and Karthik make it stand out with their great performances. Though it's a one time watch, one would go for it, only because of Nushrat and Karthik.

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