Sonakshi carried the grace of her character's name in the film.

Graceful strength is what actually defines Akira. The name in Sanskrit also means the same and rightfully so Sonakshi carried the grace of her character's name in the film. The narrative travels in a very linear pattern after the first forty minutes of the film. A.R. Murugadoss has already made this film in south but there the protagonist was a male hero.  

The story is of a small town girl who has lived in remand home as a result of her childhood brawl where she accidently threw acid on the face of a local goon. She did get out of the remand home but after spending three years which has made her soul tough. When shifted to Mumbai in a new environment she gets herself planted into a situation which derives the narrative forward in the second half of the film.

The initial first half showcases the past of Akira whose father played by Atul Kulkarni wants her daughter to fight the injustice committed against women. The first half also establishes the crooked character of Anurag Kashyap (A.C.P Mumbai Police) and three of his junior officers doing misdeeds in uniform. As Akira lands in Mumbai to complete her college education she doesn't give in to the college bullies. Then finally she gets abducted by these four policemen accidently and it changes the life for all of them.

The most interesting characters of all is played by Anurag Kashyap as a crooked cop, Anurag plays the character so bad that he actually looks convincing on screen. A particular background sound is used to introduce his character which actually lifts the whole cinematic experience when you see him on screen. The way anurag carries himself on screen puts him in contention to draw more acting jobs.

Sonakshi Sinha did break lot of bones and a very major stereotype of woman not able to pull off strength driven characters. She managed to hold her character throughout the entire film and sometimes looks like an extended version of 'Ghajni' but in female avatar. The action sequences are very smartly choreographed which mostly include Sonakshi. The child artist who plays Sonakshi's younger version in the film is also casted very aptly.

Atul Kulkarni is seen playing Sonakshi's father who actually inspires her to fight against the injustice has a very small role but basis of Akira's character strength come from his motivation.

Amit Sadh is also seen in the narrative but it's after a long time that an interesting male actor looks just next to a prop placed in the narrative.

Konkana Sen Sharma plays a crucial role in the film who is actually the non corrupt (S.P. Mumbai Police) officer clearing Akira out of the entire mess. She looked like a cop playing an important role on screen but had less to offer than expected in context of the cinematic space.

The screenplay is done by Karan Singh Rathod which does stick to its ground but only till the first half of the film, just like the interval breaks the second half of the film looks stretched. Few of the dialogues written by A.R. Murgadoss are impactful but there execution done by each of the characters makes them even better.

The music of the film is done by the duo Vishal-Shekhar who are enjoying their Sultan success. One of the music tracks which is being used to express the loneliness of "Akira" which is Badal is sung beautifully and the placement of the song is also rightly done. The background score and the sound effect created for particular character have huge impact which indigenously uplifts the graph of the film. 

The second half of the film is dragged more than little where the maker is trying hard to project the apathy of the character in front of the Indian audience. A.R. Murugadoss has tried to weave multiple stories in the same narrative which by and large fit but they come circling around Akira time and time again. He has created a female version of Ghajni in terms of physical strength which is vested in a female and Sonakshi is actually the best fit for this character. The climax sequence is intelligent where everything doesn't go all sugary but it actually takes you bit more close to the actual reality of the national forces in this case is Police Force.

I would like to give A.R. Murugadoss Akira 2.5 stars out of 5. This is the only star studded release this weekend. Anurag Kashayap is the cherry on the cake in the film which got all sticky after the first half.         

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