Swara Bhaskar deserves a standing ovation.

'Anaarkali Of Aarah' staring Swara Bhaskar, Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra in the lead had to undergo the tough examination of the censor board before its release. It was also in news when some of the bold scenes from the movie made their way to the internet. But as they say 'Where there is will, there is a way' this film has finally released and opened up with good box-office numbers.

Women-centric films have been running in cinemas for over a long period of time now. Women has been questioned every time for her atrocities by the male dominated society. Swara Bhaskar who has proved herself by portraying different kind of roles is back with another film titled 'Anaarkali Of Aarah.' A bold yet sensitive subject which needs much more attention than anything else. The film is a story of a woman Anaarkali (Swara Bhaskar) who is an erotic singer and earns her living by performing in stage shows. She entertains the society with her double meaning songs and raunchy dance moves. But then who respects such women in the society? Anaarkali too is not spared and is sexually assaulted by a Police officer(Sanjay Mishra). From there starts her struggle to prove herself as a woman, as a respectable woman to be precise which follows with more and more assaults by the society at every stage. With handful of good people beside her she finally emerges as a winner.

Swara Bhaskar deserves a standing ovation for portraying such a bold character and that too with much ease. Her efforts are paid off. Swara has gone deep into the character and has adopted every angle of it. Right from her dialect to her dancing to her acting she just nails it. Pankaj Tripathi as a supportive actor has done his job well. Sanjay Mishra who is seen in most of comedy movies, has portrayed a different character but slightly fails to impress us.

As such subjects need to be given more and more attention with each passing day, director Avinash Das has been very much successful in executing his thought on screen. There are instances where there is usage of foul language but then keeping the script's requirement in mind, you can completely understand it.

The songs 'Dunaliya Mein Jung' and 'Lehenga Jhaake' to name some of them have the typical Bhojpuri background and the singers Pawni Pandey, Swati Sharma and others spread the magic of their voice. Sonu Nigam's song 'Mann Beqaid Hua' plays during the climax of the film and Rekha Bharadwaj's Thumri 'Badnaam Jiya De Gaari' proves to be a soothing treat to ears.

'Anaarkali Of Aarah' surely boasts of a good starcast, quintessential acting by the actors, songs which show the typical Bhojpuri flavour and an interesting storyline. Overall the film is a good watch this weekend and its time to celebrate and respect women power. 

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