It's a simple and refreshing love story with good performances from both Priyanka and Ranbir. The pace is a bit slow at times but it never gets tedious. Set against the economic calamity in the US, Akash (Ranbir Kapoor) is a stock trader who has hit bankruptcy with his own company. Totally dejected with life, he wants to end his own and lands up on a bridge. Just as he is about to jump, he finds a drunk Kiara (Priyanka Chopra), who wants to commit suicide too. After numerous failed attempts, they finally decide to end their lives on 31st December, which is 20 days away. Both Aakash and Kiara decide to live the next 20 days fulfilling their every wish and desire, before they take the final plunge on the night of New Years Eve. The rest of the movie takes you all across the US with the two of them trying to fulfill their every desire in a comic, yet unusual manner with tons of hilarious moments, on their unique 20-Day sojourn. Siddharth Anand establishes his principle characters in a unique way. The first half is comic and lighthearted and sees the bond between the two growing, slowly but surely. The scenes in the second half do get a bit slow at times but the onscreen chemistry between the two carry the movie forward without making it tedious to the moviegoer. Priyanka's acting is simply flawless and she is as cute as a button in the entire movie. Ranbir is good too and the 2 of them genuinely seem to be having a blast throughout. Zayed, unfortunately doesn't have too much of a role because this entire film revolves around the 2 principle characters only. The cinematography of Ravi K. Chandran makes the film even better, keeping in mind the exotic locales and breathtaking scenery. In a nutshell, Anjaana Anjaani is a sweet romantic and cute movie, filled with plenty of comic, lighthearted as well as touching moments. It will do well at the box office as it has a simple yet effective formula to keep the Indian Cinemagoer happy.

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