Apoorva Raangangal is an epic Tamil classic with an outstanding storyline...

Prasanna (Kamal Haasan) is nursed back to health after a bloody fight by singer Bhairavi (Srividya). The two are slowly drawn to each other and they decide to marry inspite of their age gap, and a past relationship she is still unextricably tied to. In the meantime, Prasanna's father (Sundarrajan) embarks on a relationship with a younger girl Ranjini (Jayasudha). Both relationships are given a new twist by the addition of an unexpected new variable. A couple of daring concepts thrown in, but too much of the standard tamil film melodrama and a reliance on fabulous coincidences. This film stands the test of time as superstar, Rajinikanth's first Kollywood film. 


'Apoorva Raagangal' is one of those movies with an unimaginable story line. A typical Balachander classic with a controversial story line! The introduction song with Bhairavi(SriVidhya) is evident to prove that this is another musical drama. Director Balachander has once again proved that music plays an important role for this movie.


Major Sundarrajan plays the key role in the movie. Every character in the movie is well established. Kamal Haasan comes up with another milestone in acting. Rajinikanth, who s currently the superstar of Tamil cinema made his debut in this movie. He plays a small but very important role for the twist in the movie.


Pushing aside the controversial story line, this movie is really a very good entertainer with the twisted story line and the sequences that follow. Another K. B. classic. 


Excellent storyline, clearly defined by Balachander's direction and aptly portrayed by the incredible cast, Balachander tends to take the root of his stories from ancient epics in history. 


As an excellent director, he was never unable to deliver bold and revolutionary endings to most of his controversial films. He treats his audience as naive, and has the ego of a dinosaur! 


This movie gave Kamal Haassan, his first and greatest chance to exhibit his talent. Major Sundarrajan's acting was as usual, not bad at all. This film is highly recommend as it aptly propelled Rajinikanth into the film industry! 

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