A splendid cast wasted on a spineless film.  

Helmed by Vishwas Paandya 'Baa Baaa Black Sheep' is a comedy-drama with zero the laughs and a meaningless monotonous screenplay that would make you scratch your head if by mistakenly you have landed in theatre to watch it. From the backdrop of Goa, the story revolves around a father-son duo played by Anupam Kher and Manish Paul who officially run a dry-fruit shop in Goa.

Kher plays the role of a fragile old man named Charudutt Sharma but a contract killer by profession known as Charlie in the crime world. Shockingly and jokingly this is their family business for generations. That sounds great but how poorly it has been executed with a lot of jumps and restless flow in the film's narrative. It is Manish Paul his son namely Baba who is handed over the responsibility to take contract killings of the culprits cleaning up the society, taking down the corrupt and the vicious authorities to free the system. Paul's love interest played by Manjari Phadnis aka Angelina Morris is pretty gorgeous and her father Annu Kapoor as Brian Morris is a Portrait painter who duplicates authentic prestigious paintings of Historic significant and sells them in place of the original. He does deals wearing the Santa Claus costume, keeping all his money in the locker of a public place Railway station. I mean who on earth does that? Unlike the other films, there is a protagonist and an antagonist to have a war in between. The positive role is played by Kay Kay Menon aka ACP Shivraj Naik an honest sharp cop and here is the negative brat Manish Wadhwa, the bald politician named Utpal Shivalkar who requires funding for elections and is also carrying the drugs business; unfortunately blackmailed by his girlfriend who requires the prestigious French portrait painting which is actually in auction by Brian Morris in the black market.Everyone is connected with one other for a motive and the father-son contract killers get the contract to shoot Angelina's father aka the Bad Santa.

If you talk about acting, this splendid cast of Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon have played their part perfectly showcasing acting prowess and getting under the skin of the character smoothly. However, not even the wide established cast can save the film with its dull script and fading comedy that could not even make us giggle but actually depresses us. There are too many jumps in the film's narrative that look absolutely absurd and a work of a newbie. A better script tickling our funny bones could have done justice to the wide ensemble cast of the film.

You can say that the songs of the film are quite lively and definitely a sigh of relief. Surprisingly the title song of the film Baa Baaa Black Sheep is sung by Shaan singing with not his usual voice. The female part is performed by Manisha Chakravarty and the visuals of the song have Manish Paul training hard through those gym sessions under the supervision of his father. The song that comes in the end credits 'Galla Goriyan-Aaja Soniye' performed by Mika Singh and Kanika Kapoor is quite peppy and enduring also we are motivated as it appears just after the film ends. 

The film has been shot in the picturesque locations of Goa and the place is emphasized only in the songs majorly, rest of the time we barely could get it if its Goa but the repetitive costumes and Konkani music from the score tries to make us realize yes it is Goa. Cinematography by Amalendu Chaudhary is mediocre and we do not sense any well-shot sequence in the entire film. Poorly edited by Bakul Matiyani who could have avoided some big jumps and what more could he do if the narrative falls short.

Not recommended to watch this Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, Manish Paul and Kay Kay Menon starrer this weekend. 

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