An intriguing flick that gets too cliche by the end

Choreographer turned director Ahmed Khan's Baaghi 2 is a gripping action heist with quite a lot element of suspense and that is what holds the audience attention as in whose side to take. The film revolves around two central characters introducing Disha Patani as Neha who is attacked by a group of gangsters and has her daughter missing after the incident. She is traumatised and asks for help from her ex-lover Tiger Shroff aka Ronnie. Tiger is introduced as a punctual honest Military officer serving in Kashmir Valley. He still has her photographs and gets a call after 4 long years as Neha pleads ''Ronnie I need you'' and he immediately asks his command in chief colonel Shifu for a week's leave and we have the acrobatic Shroff a man on a mission. Tiger looks stunning the way he carries himself in the act. Like anyone can make out that he is the real hero of the film. 2 months post-kidnapping Ronnie investigates Neha's missing daughter Rhea and begins with the police station to open the shut files. He is confused and clueless as to whats happening. Set in the backdrop of Panaji Goa, the film introduces some pivotal characters as well. Deepak Dobriyal as Usman a handicapped garage guy essaying a spot-on Mia bhai supporting role. Randeep Hooda as a nerdy stoner ACP, doping weed every now and then is a character with grey shade from the first half. Manoj Bajpayee as DIG commissioner is quite autocratic and un-influential, In-fact he even counters Ronnie splendidly with facts and highlighting the nature of the case. Towards the end of the film, we found Bajpayee's character development was quite incomplete and could have showcased his side with intensity and a lot more detail. Prateik Babbar is a doped drug dealer and Neha's brother-in-law the negative brat from the film. He runs the drug dealing nexus along with the Nigerians and Russians. He has stepped well in his character and looks cruelly cautious with his appearance. The first half is quite entertaining as it has a glimpse of Ronnie and Neha's relationship from the past which is a joy to watch. Just before the interval, Ronnie finds out with all his investigation that Neha has a psychological trauma and her missing daughter is just an imagination. Things become interesting and we tend to know more unwinding the mystery and aghhhhh for that, you have to watch the film as we do not give away the spoilers.

The stand out performer of the film is Tiger Shroff. Surprisingly he has outperformed those emotional scenes brilliantly. That surely deserves an applaud. We mean we surely know him for his athletic personality but this one film has him emotionally high feeling the urge of the character's heart right there. The second half did look like a Rambo remake with blazing guns and dropping grenades to crashing helicopters. Talking about the script, Sajid Nadiadwala has made quite a lot changes in this Telugu remake of Ravikanth Perepu's Kshanam. While the high-end action sequences looked exactly like a Rambo IV remake with seemingly less intensity. The climax seemed vague, too cliche and looks like the makers tried to end it up hurriedly. That's where the film lacks. In its second half 

The film has two un-necessary remake songs, Madhuri Dixit's cult number 'Ek Do Teen' featuring Jacqueline Fernandez in a seductive avatar and 'Mundiyan To Bach Ke by Labh Janjua'. We mean why on earth is Bollywood just behind ruining the original track. In fact, the original number from the film were lovesome and enduring hooking us to the enchanting narrative crafting Tiger and Disha's cute chemistry on-screen. My God! you just cannot take your eyes away from Disha Patani. She is athletic, pretty and girl with a heart to give. Talking about the next number  'O Saathi' which celebrates Ronnie and Neha's college romance with a lot of grace and bonding. Performed, penned and composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, the song is a true treat for college goers lovebird. Overall Baaghi 2 songs are alluring to the eye and keep us engaged in the narrative of the film.
Some rhyming dialogues penned by Hussain Dalal are quirky and natural but we do not remember any of them. Screenplay by Abbas Hirapurwala, Jojo Khan and Niraj Kumar Mishra could have been slightly better but they have made this high-octane action heist look like a one-time watch which could have been a multiple times craving flick. Cinematography by Parvaez K and Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran steals the show and the direction of photography is far superior from the first part. Overall Baaghi 2 is a one-time watch film and you will surely enjoy it on silver-screen.

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