Neeraj Pandey's Baby Is Sheer Brilliance!

A film with top notch performances, excellent storyline and equally proportionate direction had become rarity in Indian cinema. However, Neeraj Pandey's Baby makes us think otherwise.

The film which has taken inspiration from the real events has been based on terror and terrorism. Close to D-Day yet not so. The film has a unique charm. Rather the film is overtly a Neeraj Pandey film.  One of the best by Pandey so far.  Pandey who has proven his mettle with films like A Wednesday and Special 26 has yet again delivered a paramount film in true sense. The entire film revolves around a mission named "Baby" which aims at finishing off the terrorists masterminds.

Baby has timely surprises and suspense at regular intervals that keep the viewers on the edge of their seat whereas last 40-45 minutes leaves us unnerved and nail-biting. The film is well crafted, well written and well researched. It is fast paced and tightly scripted. It is may come across as soul shattering but it is equally nuanced.

Every actor has proven their mettle through their innate performances. Amidst all the chaos and gun shots it is Murli Sharma, Anupam Kher and Sushant Singh who give us a breather through their peculiar comic punches. Other actors-Akshay Kumar, Kay Kay Menon, Danny Denzongpa- are first-rate when it comes to their acting. Akshay Kumar has perhaps given the best film of his career and can now be called as Action Kumar.  Rana Daggubati and Taapsee Pannu also have given a decent performance. However, the sole disappointment in the film was that a versatile actor like Kay Kay Menon was hardly given a dialogue or two whereas Rana came across as nothing but a hulk. Considering that the film’s story demanded so we give it a benefit of doubt.

The film which is 159:42 minute long is action packed drama which is intricately detailed and polished. The film nails it in the first half but turns out to be killer in the second. With the ability to leave you shaken it makes us rendezvous with dare devilry and reality in these 160 minutes. The credit for this magnum opus is solely not of the director but of every team member who contributed to make it look so phenomenal onscreen- be it the star cast or the lighting dada, make-up man, VFX guys ceaselessly working behind the cameras!

Overtly patriotic, this film is a must watch

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