Parents, our pillars of strength

If we can't respect our parents, then we are not meant to be one. Focussing on cherishing life, generations after generations, is a key to success that a lot of people have been enforcing in the minds of the young through different mediums.


'Badi Pantulu' is a movie that describes just that. How parents take the trouble to nurture and educate their children and raise them to be fine individuals and then, how the same children treat their parents like burden is what the story is all about.


N. T. Rama Rao is a teacher in a primary school and his wife Anjali Devi is a housewife. A simple yet very loving couple, they make sure to complete each other's needs through the little that they have.


They have two sons Krishnam Raju and Ramakrishna who are given all the love and affection and treated with utmost care by their parents. All their wishes are granted, so when they grow up, they become fine gentlemen.


The children in the school love their teacher and hence they build a house for N. T. Rama Rao.


Time passes by and the children grow up and get married. One of them also have a daughter (Sridevi). Rao also retires. Apparently, the children are forced to stay with their parents and they are not comfortable doing so.


Hence, against their parents' wishes, they sell the house and they decide to separate the mother and father by taking them to each other's houses and rotating their stay after 6 months.


The couple are very upset with this gesture as they want to spend their time with each other in their old age.


What happens next, forms the crux of the film.


A cast of seniors and talented actors, all of them give their best performance. N. T. Rama Rao is as usual at his best. He completes the entire movie with his simplicity and charm. As a wife, Anjali has played her role very well.


Not to forget, the children who forget their parents, Krishnam Raju and Ramakrishna indulge in the family tale like a magnet attracting metal.


Director Chandrasekhara has executed the movie brilliantly. Depicting a true life phenomena, the dialogues by Narasa Raju are simple yet witty.


The music is also very soothing, comforting you at every scene.


So if you are up for a family entertainment, then grab this movie to enjoy some emotional yet terrific story.

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